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Thursday, June 15, 2023
5:30 PM - 8:00 PM

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Great Lakes REIA: Terms and Conditions

Yes - I Accept the Terms & Conditions


The ownership and management of Real Estate is a highly regulated segment of the free enterprise system of the United States. As such, the members of the Great Lakes REIA must treat this enterprise with the utmost professionalism.

 REIA membership means that each member is part of an organization of people intent on expanding his or her knowledge of real estate investing and management.

We, the members of the Great Lakes REIA:

  • Provide safe and sanitary housing
  • Provide affordable housing opportunities
  • Develop and Re-Develop housing units which make neighborhoods and communities more attractive and desirable
  • Are visible as active Investment Professionals

In order to pursue these ends in a legal and ethical manner, all “members of Great Lakes REIA” will be held to a high standard of ethical behavior, which includes, but is not limited to the following enumerated list of behaviors:

 I, as a Great Lakes REIA member:

  1. Will not intentionally misrepresent any material fact in my business dealings
  2. Will keep myself informed on matters affecting housing in my community, including local, state, and federal laws.
  3. Will provide safe and sanitary housing.
  4. Will provide assistance to fellow Great Lakes REIA members whenever prudent and appropriate.
  5. Will act as a positive role model for the professions of Real Estate Investing and Housing Providers when dealing with tenants, the public, the media, government officials, and all others.
  6. Will be responsible to complete my own due diligence (homework) in all business dealings and will encourage others to do the same.
  7. Will not malign other Great Lakes REIA members.
  8. Will NOT use the Great Lakes REIA logo, or other identification material or slogans, without the express written permission of the Board of Directors (or Trustees).
  9. Will NOT make any unauthorized representation to the public, press or media with regards to Great Lakes REIA’s position on any matter, and not represent any legislative or political position as though it is that of the organization, without Board approval.
  10. Shall endeavor to promote Great Lakes REIA in its positive image within the community, and to aid and assist in the organization’s growth prosperity.


Those who want the Association to take action against a member for what they perceive to be unethical behavior as defined in this document must present their case and evidence of unethical behavior to the Great Lakes REIA President, in writing, for review. The President, the Executive Committee, and two volunteers from the general membership, will serve on an Ethics Committee, which the President will chair unless he is directly involved. The Ethics Committee will investigate and review the allegations. The Ethics Committee will submit their findings and make a recommendation to the Board of Directors in a timely manner. The Great Lakes REIA Board of Directors may then impose whatever sanctions it deems appropriate. Such action may include, but not be limited to, suspension or permanent disbarment from the organization.


Great Lakes REIA does not exist to render and does not give legal, tax, economic or investment advice and disclaims all liability for the actions or inaction taken or not as a result of communications from or to its members, officers, directors, employees and contractors. Each individual should consult his/her own professional advisor.

Great Lakes Real Estate Investors Association publishes general real estate educational information to help furtheryour full or part time real estate career. Our goal is to educate the investor based on information edited from material contributed by leaders in the real estate investing, legal, accounting, property management, financial, legislative and other related professions.

Great Lakes Real Estate Investors Association makes every effort to produce and publish the most current and accurate information possible. Moreover, because of the ever-changing laws relating to landlord-tenant relationships and other aspects of real estate, specific application of any of our material to a member’s individual situation should be made only with the advice of local legal counsel. No warranties, expressed or implied, are provided for the data we publish, its use or its interpretation.

Great Lakes Real Estate Investors Association, its officers and the contributing members specifically disclaim any liability for loss or risk, personal or otherwise, which may be incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, of the use or application of any of the ideas, concepts, techniques, forms, documents or contents presented or implied at meetings or other educational forums presented by this association.

By attending any of the activities provided by this association, the member hereby releases, discharges and agrees to indemnify the clubName, its respective officers, directors, members, employees and/or contractors, past or present, from any and all liabilities associated with our organization.

The viewpoints expressed and methods promoted by speakers at Great Lakes REIA events are not necessarily those of the board, staff, or leaders of the association.

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Yes - I Accept the Terms & Conditions

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Disclaimer  (Great Lakes Real Estate Investors Association) does not give legal, tax, economic, or investment advice. Great Lakes REIA disclaims all liability for the action or inaction taken or not taken as a result of communications from or to its members, officers, directors, employees and contractors. Each person should consult their own counsel, accountant and other advisors as to legal, tax, economic, investment, and related matters concerning Real Estate and other investments.   

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